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Fabrizia Bevilacqua, Library of Classical and Medieval Philology, University of Parma
The impact of organisational issues in the development of institutional repositories

Andrea Bollini, CILEA
Federico Meschini, CASPUR
DSpace Basic Tutorial

Elena Brizioli, European University Institute
Cadmus: the European University Institute repository

Terry Catapano, Plazi.org; Columbia University
Donat Agosti, American Museum of Natural History
Guido Sautter, University of Karlsruhe
Plazi.org: Using DSpace as a Repository of Species Descriptions (Poster)

Nicola Cavalli, CPM - University Milano Bicocca
*Roberto Bisiani, CPM - University Milano Bicocca
Roberta Caccialupi, CPM - University Milano Bicocca
Georgia Conte, CPM - University Milano Bicocca
Valerio Minetti, CPM - University Milano Bicocca
Dspace Integration with Video Indexing and Summarization Systems

Jayan Kurian Chirayath, Division of Information Studies,Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information - Nanyang Technological University
Dion Hoe- Lian Goh, Division of Information Studies,Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information - Nanyang Technological University
Blooma Mohan John, Division of Information Studies,Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information - Nanyang Technological University
Joy Lynn Wheeler, Digital Resources Division Library - Nanyang Technological University
A Framework for Ingesting Metadata Descriptors from Information Portals into Institutional Repositories

Richard Davis, University of London Computer Centre
SAS-Space: a DSpace repository for the School of Advanced Study, University of London

Lieven Droogmans, @mire NV
Ben Bosman , @mire NV
Bram Luyten, @mire NV
An innovative application for repositories: DSpace as a conference management repository

Lieven Droogmans, @mire NV
Ben Bosman, @mire NV
Bram Luyten, @mire NV
LIRIAS: Leuven Institutional Repository and Information Archiving System

Christophe Dupriez, Belgium Poisoncentre
DSpace, an essential part of a the medical knowledge sharing infrastructure at the Belgium Poisoncentre (Poster)

Brian Eoff, Texas A&M
Scott Philipps (mentor), Texas A&M
Visualizing Dspace

Marc Goovaerts, Hasselt University Library
Submission based on document type: DSpace development at Hasselt University

Robert Graham, Texas A&M University Libraries
Mark Diggory (mentor), MIT Libraries
Versioning in DSpace: A Google Summer of Code Project

Christiane Stock, INIST-CNRS
DSpace at INIST-CNRS: one platform, different usages and resulting specific needs/problems

Montse Hidalgo, General Services of Libraries. Technical University of Catalonia
Marina Casadevall, General Services of Libraries. Technical University of Catalonia
Anna Rovira, General Services of Libraries. Technical University of Catalonia
UPC Research Institutional Repositories: E-prints i Revistes i Congressos

Wang Jiahui, Beihang University
James Rutherford (mentor), HP Labs
Stuart Haber , HP Labs
Google Summer of Code 2007: DSpace Content Integrity Service

Richard Jones, ICT
On Integration

Richard Jones, Imperial College London, Uk
Richard Rodgers, MIT Libraries
James Rutherford, HP Labs
DSpace Advanced Tutorial

Michele Kimpton, DSpace Foundation
DSpace Foundation

Vlastimil Krejcır, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech republic
DML CZ Poster

Madaiah Krishnamurthy, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India
Building IR in the academic libraries: Current Practices and future Possibilities (Poster)

Jessica Lindholm, Library and IT Service, Malmö University
Robert Faling, Library and IT Service, Malmö University
DSpace Data Extraction Service for "Office" Users (Poster)

Leif Longva, University of Tromso
Obiajulu Odu, University of Tromso
Case Study: Electronic only submission of theses through DSpace

Susanna Mornati, CILEA
Andrea Bollini, CILEA
New opportunities for Institutional Repositories: the evaluation challenge. A case study

Federico Paparoni, Google
Richard Jones (mentor), Imperial College London
Statistics for Dspace

Fernanda Peset, DCADHA-Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Antonia Ferrer, DCADHA-Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Tomas Baiget, IDESCAT
Jose Manuel Rodríguez-Gairin, Universitat de Barcelona
Dspace and the standardization of the information: names of Spanish authors (Poster)

Scott Phillips
Learning to use Manakin

ARD Prasad, Indian Statistical Institute
Johannes Keizer, FAO of the United Nations
AGRIS AP add-on for DSpace

ARD Prasad, Indian Statistical Institute
How did we popularize DSpace in India

Richard Rodgers, MIT Libraries
MacKenzie Smith, MIT Libraries
Rich Metadata for DSpace with DWell

Eloy Rodrigues, University of Minho Documentation Services
*Ângelo Miranda, University of Minho Information Systems Office
*Ricardo Saraiva, University of Minho Documentation Services
Improving usage statistics for RepositóriUM

Gino Roncaglia, Tuscia University, Viterbo
Federico Meschini, CASPUR
Managing learning resources: DSpace and learning content

Peter Ruijgrok, University of Utrecht
Digital Preservation strategy University of Utrecht

Anna Maria Tammaro, Department of Cultural Heritage. University of Parma
DSpace repositories in Italy: cooperation for quality enhancement of services

Robert Tansley, Google
DSpace Architecture: an update

Robert Tansley (coord.), Google
Google Summer of Code

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