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Montse Hidalgo

UPC Research Institutional Repositories: E-prints i Revistes i Congressos

Montse Hidalgo
General Services of Libraries. Technical University of Catalonia

Marina Casadevall
General Services of Libraries. Technical University of Catalonia

Anna Rovira
General Services of Libraries. Technical University of Catalonia

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     Last modified: October 30, 2007

Institutional Repositories give the opportunity to faculties and researchers from universities and research institutes to freely publish and facilitate open access to their publicly funded research activities results. These are also a good chance for scholars and research communities to highly increase their visibility in the world and their impact. For University libraries is the opportunity to document, organize and preserve the intellectual heritage of the institution at the time it increases its prestige.

UPC libraries have developed diferent repositories to offer to the university community a tool to publish their academic and scientific works in open access. Among the repositories developed by the UPC libraries, the two research repositories are presented: E-prints UPC i Revistes i Congressos UPC.
E-prints UPC (https://upcommons.upc.edu/e-prints/) collects documents generated by academics in their research activities. Content is organized around communities which can correspond to departments, research groups or institutes.

Revistes i Congressos UPC (https://upcommons.upc.edu/revistes/) accommodates full text of e-journals articles and proceedings published by any unit of the UPC (institutes, departments, etc.).

One of the most important aspects of all UPC repositories is the fact that are integrated with other information systems of the university: the scientific output information system, the digital campus, etc.

The use of OAI-MHP and other open sources tools have been very useful for the development of these repositories. In fact, they have also made possible the creation of UPCommons (http://upcommons.upc.edu) which facilitates a unique access point to all the different open access repositories running at the UPC.

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