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Giannis Tsakonas

Open Access Through the User’s Looking Glass

Library & Information Service, University of Patras - Greece

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     Last modified: October 19, 2005

Open access archives, repositories, directories and digital libraries spread widely as a result of technologic interventions and a reaction to demanding and competitive economical conditions. Although these innovative systems, that challenge traditional structures of the publishing economy, have rapidly developed, little significance has been given to the user interaction within their frames. All system developments and collection growth policies have been based on stakeholders’ view of the information management; users’ participation in evaluation, feedback and design is quite limited. Open access systems and their acceptance is not solely based on the integrated technologies, the innovative marketing policies and the economical convenient schemes, but requires the complete support and acceptance by the end users themselves. This presentation aims at providing a user-centred looking glass to view, to assess and improve the effectiveness of E-LIS’ usage. Based on an Interaction Evaluation triptych framework this presentation introduces particular user-centered evaluation axes for E-LIS and correlates the effective user interaction with its acceptance and promotion.

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