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Damir Pavelic

Open access movement in Croatia through experience of ELIS

Damir Pavelic
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics, Library

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     Last modified: October 27, 2005

Open access movement has been growing stronger in previous years and has become an important issue in scholar/scientific world as well as in publishing industry. While many recognize importance of a new movement going on official acceptance is usualy slower and subject of detailed talks and negotiations on different levels. Croatia is not an exception. It is not on the same level as big countries with much greater scientific production and certain changes come even slower. LIS community in Croatia knows about open access since it has been a topic on workshops and conferences in past 2-3 years. E-LIS, as an example in profession, is accepted althoug not many people are actively involved, not many deposit papers. Librarians are currently active in making repository for all scientific journals funded by the government, there is a web site about OA and OAI, this year's conference of academic librarians will be fully concentrated to OA. Still, it is not enough. There are reasons that are objective but also there are unexpected problem in librarian community as well. This presentation will try to give an overview of Croatian situation with ELIS and OA/OAI in general.

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