ICOLC Fall 2006 (8th European Meeting)
ICOLC Fall 2006 (8th European Meeting)
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Bo Öhrström

Knowledge Exchange Cooperation among JISC, SURF, DFG and DEFF

Bo Öhrström
Danish National Library Authority/DEFF

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     Last modified: October 16, 2006

Denmark's Electronic Research Library (DEFF in Danish) signed in June 2005 a
partnership agreement with three major European organisations:
* JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), Great Britain
* SURF (Surf Foundation), the Netherlands
* DFG (German Research Foundation
The partnership agreement concerned the establishment of an initiative named Knowledge Exchange and the purpose were among others to facilitate informed decisions and policies in the national organisations and to achieve better, quicker and cost efficient digital development results via strong partnerships.
The partners agreed to establish an office in Copenhagen hosted by the Danish National Library Authority.
After 14 months the Knowledge Exchange initiative has finished its start-up phase. The four partners recognise the benefits of sharing information in a structured manner and are establishing new networks that allow for parallel and cross fertilising activities. The presentation will give an insight in the initial phase and the working processes that have been developed and address the plans for collaborative activities: these include Institutional Repositories, National Licenses, Sustainability and Strategic policy alignment for EU presentation.

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