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Ugo Contino

A user centred portal for open access Italian scholarly literature search and retrieval: the PLEIADI project

Ugo Contino

Susanna Mornati

Paola Gargiulo

Zeno Tajoli

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     Last modified: October 6, 2005

The PLEIADI Project (acronym for “Portale per la Letteratura scientifica Elettronica Italiana su Archivi aperti e Depositi Istituzionali”, a portal for Italian scholarly e-literature in open archives and institutional repositories) was born within the framework of a collaboration between two major Italian university consortia, CASPUR and CILEA, as part of a project called AEPIC ( PLEIADI goal is to offer a centralized access for scholarly literature archived in Italian institutional repositories (Data Providers in the OAI, Open Access Initiative, language). More in detail PLEIADI aims at providing end-users (mainly academic and research community) a personalized environment, comprising several services such as saved searches and articles facility, article alerts or citations saving, user profiling and news services. Last but not least it increases users’ awareness on OA thematic through topics specific information services (news, RSS, Forum), in order to increase support to OA initiative and promote scholarly articles deposit on institutional repositories. The service, available at the URL, was launched in November 2004, during the Messina event (, the real “starting point” for the Open Access movement in Italy.

This presentation will discuss about PLEAIDI project constraints and motivations which led to the actual design, presenting its major features as well as its internal structure that makes it innovative in the Italian open access scenario. Planned future activities on PLEIADI portal will end the talk.

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