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Tawfik Benabdallah

Sharing knowledge: sharing wealth towards a world without poverty

Tawfik Benabdallah
Mechanical Engineering Department, Ecole Normale Supérieure d'Enseignement Technique (ENSET), Oran, Algerie

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Since that man discovered and reached benefits from knowledge, sharing the result or what he had gained from this powerful tool, is not easy.
Today, man thinks that sharing wealth will put him in sharing poverty.
Sharing Knowledge is the only way to make growing wealth without involving poverty as a risk. Thus, re-using and creating new open Knowledge in a
a legal framework with respect to author rights lead to a new way that install confidence between men.
This paper will give a proposal that will manage Quality of Content and Quality validation within Interoperability and Integration based upon personal experience as a teacher or as coming from south, where the perception of knowledge has to be shared with the participants. The author will put on debate his approaches as a a person involved in educational and research networking.

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