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Conference Overview (themes & topics)
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workshop overview

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Interoperability and integration of distributed knowledge repositories

  • Architectural approaches to empowering shared research and open learning infrastructures

  • Social dynamics involved in networked education and research

  • Learning designs and pedagogy for open content

  • Economical models.
  • Relevant cases of academic and corporate research institutions taking advantage of the open access

  • Relevant cases of educational institutions changing their inner organization, to face the challenges of the open content

  • Relevant cases of emerging new organizations in networked education and research

  • Relevant cases of businesses providing educational materials, successfully accomodating open content as part of their offering


Submissions are invited for research papers, unpublished or submitted elsewhere, that address the conference objectives. Submissions of abstract should be sent to the Program Committee Chair at by 21 April 2006. Notification of acceptance will be sent by April 30 while final papers are expected by June 2. Abstracts submitted must also include a title, the name and affiliation of each author, a list of keywords and a list of references. Papers must be submitted as PDF files, together with a version in either .sxw (OpenOffice), .doc, .rtf, or LATEX format, 10pt font, and must not exceed eight pages in length (including figures, tables and references) or about 10000 characters. All papers submitted to the conference will be reviewed by committee members. Notifications regarding the program committee's paper reviews, including acceptance verdict, will be distributed by one organizing committee member to the first author of a particular contribution.

Programme Chairs

Paolo Pumilia (
Anna Maria Tammaro (
Andrea Molinari (
Gino Colazzo (

Archiving policy and publication of the Proceedings

Fabrizia Bevilacqua, (, Dipartimento di Filologia Classica e Medievale, Via D'Azeglio, 85 I-43100 PARMA

Printed material

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