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George Auckland

User Generated Content in Education- A BBC Perspective

George Auckland
Head of Innovation, BBC Learning and Interactive

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     Last modified: May 4, 2006

User Generated Content (UGC) in Education is not a new idea.
BBC Learning has been involved with User Generated Content projects going back to the analogue world of the mid 1980s and even earlier. Modern digital technology just makes it more possible for the user and easier to organise.
In this illustrated talk I will show what happens when a public service organisation such as the BBC gets involved with User Generated Content of various kinds, what the issues are regarding Intellectual Property Rights, Moral Rights, Quality Control, decency and so on. I will discuss how UGC introduces a degree of symmetry that is needed for any educational system to be truly successful, what the potential learning outcomes can be and how it changes the relationship with our audiences.
The areas I will cover will be primary, secondary and higher education.

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